Contractor All Risks Insurance

The risks faced by the construction industry can lead to a massive liability exposure. Therefore, whether you’re a small contractor, general builder, special contractor, developer or principal, this flexible product can be catered to your own needs. This product covers contracts up to the limit chosen by them and stated in the policy schedule. This cover is designed to meet the insurance obligations placed upon contractors
under the contract conditions. The policy provides cover for loss or damage to your contract works and your liabilities to third parties arising from carrying out the contract works

The Policy Can Be Extended To Cover:

  • Contract Works Damages
  • Contractor Plant and Equipment’s
  • Principle Existing Surrounding Property
  • Third-Party Liability

Benefits (Why Chubb Arabia?)

  • Financial Soundness – Chubb Arabia is a strong insurer and have an A3 rating from Moodys
  • Global Technical Approach and Claims Handling
  • We Seek to Develop Long-Term Relationships with Clients
  • We Have a Strong Track Record of Leading Insurance Programs of Large and Complicated Project Contracts and Recognized Technical Expertise in the Sector

Required Information:

  • Completed Proposal Form
  • GPS Coordinates/Exact Location
  • Detailed Scope of Works
  • Contract Value Breakup (BOQ)
  • Time Schedule/Bar Chart
  • Layout Plan